In order for you to qualify for a VA Home Loan and all the benefits that go along with it you first have to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

This document is given by the Department of Veteran Affairs and is a key piece used by lenders to verify your eligibility for a VA home loan.

So what exactly is a Certificate of Eligibility?

Certificate of Eligibility

In short, a Certificate of Eligibility is simply a document that confirms you meet the minimum military service requirements in order to obtain a VA home loan.

To get one of these you will need to have served in the military for a certain amount of time and have a qualifying discharge. The total amount of time will vary depending on factors such as whether you served during war or peace time.

What’s Needed for a VA Certificate of Eligibility

To get a COE you will need the right paperwork depending on the situation. To make it easier we have broken it down for you.

Veterans, National Guard Members and Reserves

For Veterans and former members of the National Guard or Reserves, this includes your discharge or separation papers (otherwise known as a DD-214).

For active-duty members of the military, National Guard, or Reserves, it’s a statement of service signed by your commander, adjutant, or personnel officer.

Surviving Spouse of a Veteran

If you are the surviving spouse of a Veteran, you’ll need your spouse’s discharge documents (DD-214) and a completed VA Form 26-1817.

What Does a VA Certificate of Eligibility Look Like?

VA Certificate of Eligibility