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Anonymously invite your employer to our free enterprise mortgage program.

If they sign up, you and your coworkers get access to the best mortgage rate in America.

Invite Your Business

Home prices are growing. Your income isn’t keeping up.

In the past few decades the average income in America hasn’t grown nearly as fast as the average home price. This means that homes aren’t as affordable as they once were.

We built a program to make home buying and refinancing a lot less expensive. But we need to have a business sign up.

If you fill out the form below we will send an anonymous invite to your employer stating that “An employee has requested to add this free benefit for [BUSINESS NAME]”. Get your coworkers to each fill it out as well – strength in numbers!

How can we do this?

By working with businesses and their employees we are able to streamline processes and drastically cut margins.

We no longer need real estate agents and other real estate professionals for leads.

Scenario Information

  • Wells Fargo scenario is a $200,000 Loan Amount, 25% down payment, and a 740 credit score
  • Quicken Loans scenario is a 45 day lock, $200,000 loan, 25% down payment, and a 720 credit score
  • CapCenter scenario is a $320,000 loan and rate was pulled from https://www.capcenter.com
  • Brightleaf scenario is a $320,000 loan amount, 20% down payment, and a 720 credit score

Invite Your Business

Once the form is filled out an anonymous request will be sent to your employer. When they sign up we will alert you and anyone else that requested.

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